About Me

I started being enthusiastic about making art in early 2010, when one of my friends gave me a sketchbook for my birthday. All of my friends at the time were artists, which pushed me to try harder so I could feel more like I fit in. I found I could express my thoughts more clearly through art than my words. This was important because all my life, I have always had problems communicating with others, but I was always told I had a different way of thinking when I finally did manage to get my thoughts across. Art provides a platform for me to express the thoughts that dart through my unusual mind during my day-to-day life of which I don't believe others think about. This is also what prompted me to get into game design. Not only could I express my thoughts visually, but I could also have people interact with them directly. As an artist and game designer, I create art to explore the niches in life others seem to skip over and show the world what it's missing. I have always had an abstract way of thinking, so I make art that is as different as my thought process. Though I do not have a strict medium that I work in, I have dabbled in many areas of creative expression including digital and traditional illustration, acrylic painting, clay, found object, glass blowing, animation, and games. Just as I don't stick to a single medium, I don't have an overarching theme outside of letting my perspective be seen by the world in the hopes understands me.